A high end escort in bangalore speaks"

A high end escort in bangalore speaks"

Sex is too easy to get today. We live in a society where everything is easy, and that can be a turn-off. That's not what the men who contact me want. These are very wealthy and successful men, some from well-known companies, and they can get sex anywhere. They like to be challenged and want something more subtle, and the successful women in this business offer them that.

Seduction is an endangered skill, and that's my favourite part of the process. When I interact with someone, even from the first email, what we are trying to do is seduce each other. It's like a dance. I use the term "companionship" for what I do, because there is a spectrum. On one side you have straightforward sex for money, and on the other you have full-blown relationships. I see myself as being somewhere along that continuum.

I charge INR 20,000/ a day, and spend no less than two days with a client. I do it no more than once a month. I always take time to get to know the person first - we email, have lunch and talk on the phone - so I have never been in a situation where I have felt scared. We might go to a social or business event - they introduce me as their friend from wherever- or it might be more personal and romantic. They know that we're going to get some private time afterwards, but the sex is just the icing on the cake.

Most men find me through our website http://www.bangaloreGirlFriendssexperience.com, and I also have a social network of wealthy friends. I don't have a full-time job but I have things that I'm doing. The men prefer it that way, and it's important psychologically: you don't get too immersed in their world.

So much today is not clear. If you go on a date is the guy supposed to open the door for you or not? Are you supposed to offer to pay? In this sort of relationship, each party's responsibilities are clearer. I enjoy that. Men I go out with are very intelligent people, and it is a mutually stimulating environment.

I think it is a common female fantasy to be in this business. I get a lot of emails saying: "It's so exciting, I've always wanted to do it." Anyone can do it but the numbers are against it: it's like wanting to be a ballet dancer. I always wanted to do it, since I was little. It was mysterious, and I like intelligent and influential men. The women in this business are quite influential, too. I've helped people close business deals. There is that free consultation component.

I had to learn myself. About two years ago, I saw the blogging phenomenon and thought, what can I do that's novel? I thought the business was sleazy, and I wanted to make it less so. My first time I was nervous, but we had fun and still keep in touch.

An escort needs a combination of talents. You don't need to be a supermodel - I'm a tall, slim , but there are more beautiful women out there. It can be intimidating for men if you are incredibly stunning. They want someone subtle, intelligent and well versed in life. They have to feel comfortable talking to you about anything, whether business or their family.

About 50 per cent are married. I've heard that sometimes their wives know. In a lot of cases they no longer have sex. Surprisingly, some women feel less threatened if a man hires someone like me than if he had an affair with his secretary. I don't see what I do as wrong. If he's married then something is dysfunctional or some part of the relationship must be broken. Maybe he can't get divorced because he's worth a Crore rupees.

I do have relationships, with clients and others. It can be tricky. I think jealousy is a human trait, and a healthy one, so I treat it on a case-by-case basis. You have to judge at what stage to tell them. Fundamentally I am a romantic person, and I don't feel that's a contradiction. I want to share as much of my life as I can with my partner, and eventually all of my life. I do want to get married. There is a strong romantic component to what I do: it's all about mystery and seduction. If we have a good time for a weekend then sometimes it is quite sad to leave.

I'm not worried that my future husband might be appalled by what I do. The men I get along with are typically very moral people but they have their own internal compass. It means they are a little unconventional, and that's why we have that fit. My past doesn't change who I am: it just makes me a little more colourful. Recently, the majority of my [non-paying] partners have known what I do - or part of it. You don't have to tell everything.

My family don't know what I do, and I would prefer them not to. My close friends know. My ability to pull it off doesn't surprise them - they know I'm good at multi-tasking - and I don't think anyone has been shocked.

For me, this is a temporary thing, although I cannot put an exact date on when I will stop. It's a very good way to learn about people - what makes them happy and sad.

I have also changed my approach to wealth: I get to see extremely wealthy people and they face the same challenges as everyone else. It makes me more philosophical. It doesn't mean anything to have an apartment in Bangalore and a house in Mysore you may be locked into an unhappy marriage or not able to find a woman to share your life with. It actually becomes harder to date - you don't know who's genuinely looking for love and who's looking at your money. For lots of young, successful men, wealth above a certain level can be a barrier to a good relationship.

The reality is that the market for this is very small. It's kind of like a bell curve. Most of the market is in the middle - straightforward sex for money. The higher end requires not just more money but more time. And in our society time is the most precious thing of all.

Iswarya Shetty now part of http://www.bangaloreGirlFriendssexperience.com/ core team

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