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Bangalore Escort Etiquette – High End Independent Escorts in Bangalore.

There is lots to understand on the Manual on how to use an escort Services in Bangalore and there is no proper Manifesto or of well-defined rules to define how to use an escort Services in Bangalore  and no proper guidelines available in the vast Internet on the set guidelines for using an Escort Services and the truth is most of  the experienced Mongers do not have a clue on how to utilize anescort Service in Bangalore

I am a successful Professional in my area of Corporate Business and pursuing my hobby successfully as a Monger in Bangalore and to be precise hiring a high end Independent escort is similar to hiring a Doctor, lawyer or a Mechanic and the same way I would deal with a Professional Doctor lawyer or a Mechanic will prefer giving the same respect to an Independent escort in Bangalore and I was getting better results when I was taking care of  most of the best Independent escorts in Bangalore and most…
Confessions of an Independent high class Escort in Bangalore.

Once I decided to leave my home town in Tamil Nadu the destination was clear and so was my Pursuit to choose a career that would make me richer sooner.I was clear on one matter of concern life is short and live king size and choose a short cut to achieve the same and when i joined the team at Bangalore Girl Friends Experience team I wasn't disappointment and It was an amazing experience from there on and i experienced the sophistication and class i dream.

Sooner I was the topper in my team as an Independent high class Escort in Bangalore and a favorite among my clients and I really loved the celebrity high class life in Bangalore.

I found plenty  very interesting clients here in Bangalore and very Interesting stories to tell and with my current life style i have no one to share the same and penning my thoughts here to share my experiences as an Independent high class Escort in Bangalore.

When I first came to Bangalore I…

Escort in Bangalore

Escort in Bangalore

Treat a Escort in Bangalore like a lady and Your wife / Girl Friend like a whore.

We mean what we say above and we are experienced people saying that.

We are going to discuss in detail and lists of “dos and don’ts” for escort in Bangalore and clients relationship and believe it is not going to hurt any body  and its our general views and the ultimate aim is

Maximum Utilization of the money spent by the Client
Satisfaction of the client.
Job Satisfaction with the escort in Bangalore.
Dignity and honor of the female escort in Bangalore Preserved or Maintained.

”Dos and don’ts” not with the escorts lady in Bangalore

Whats your real Name.
How long are you in this business
How much do you earn.
How frequently do you do this.

Kindly understand, The Escort in Bangalore is into the business of escorting and her intentions are clear in catering to the needs of the client.
we categorically define our role as Doctor and patient relationship  or other wise we prefer to alig…