Escort in Bangalore

Escort in Bangalore

Treat a Escort in Bangalore like a lady and Your wife / Girl Friend like a whore.

We mean what we say above and we are experienced people saying that.

We are going to discuss in detail and lists of “dos and don’ts” for escort in Bangalore and clients relationship and believe it is not going to hurt any body  and its our general views and the ultimate aim is

Maximum Utilization of the money spent by the Client
Satisfaction of the client.
Job Satisfaction with the escort in Bangalore.
Dignity and honor of the female escort in Bangalore Preserved or Maintained.

”Dos and don’ts” not with the escorts lady in Bangalore

Whats your real Name.
How long are you in this business
How much do you earn.
How frequently do you do this.

Kindly understand, The Escort in Bangalore is into the business of escorting and her intentions are clear in catering to the needs of the client.
we categorically define our role as Doctor and patient relationship  or other wise we prefer to align our self towards the hospitality / Service industry category where the client is the king.

The Doctors job is Diagnosing a patient and giving him Proper treatment.
Our team of escorts in Bangalore try and understand the client better and ensure to give the client her best ensuring utilization of money spent by the client is taken care of and time well spent.

Hotels may have different categories and their rates may vary accordingly and so is the   tariff card of our escorts in Bangalore.

Do also understand we are into business of making fantasy come true and from what we have heard from our clients saying

I cannot Insist my Wife / Girl Friend do all this.
I am sick of my Wife / Girl Friend.

 The best approach appreciated would be enjoy the lady with full consciousness and let the feeling be flowing all over your self through out and any questions that may arise in your self will result in a false answer and do not expect a honest confession from an an escort in Bangalore.

.There is certainly dishonesty in this profession where an escort in Bangalore will give a false sympathetic / pathetic situation where in she may need some monetary assistance.Kindly refrain your self from aligning yourself in assisting an escort for her emergency / monetary needs rather pay her for her services and tip her enough for the excellency in her Probably your mind may very well think you need to know the answer from the escort in Bangalore but be prepared for a ready made false answer from the escort in Bangalore and so it’s best to avoid these kinds of questions in the first place, Instead  of asking something which the escort lady does not want to answer kindly don’t press the issue.

Date an Escort in Bangalore with the same flair of dating your girl friend

Respect an Escort in Bangalore the same respect you would give your girl friend or Wife.
Reminders on before the date.

Bathing/Brushing/Mouth Freshener/Perfumes

Good dress and on arrival of the escort lady in Bangalore Ignite a common conversation that most likely to indulge the lady for a discussion and slowly complement her on the various aspects of herself.

We repeat it again complement her enough on herself.

Good manners.

Opening of the door.
Offering the escort in Bangalore a welcome drink on Arrival.
Complementing the escort in Bangalore on her dress.
Chocolates and flowers can do enough Magic.

When a lady is complemented enough she will perform her best and money matters lesser when the lady understands the man is a gentle man and deserves the best and she will offer her best.

We are in the business of making fantasy come true we are into the business of escorting.

Kindly remember like you would go to the doctor for a regular check up and pay back for his consultation the escort lady in Bangalore is there with your self for the purpose of


Do not expect the escort lady to have a cashier with her self to collect money and we request the money paid Up front to avoid disputes and hope you may agree with us and do not expect a third person doing the job of collecting the money on behalf of the escort lady in Bangalore.

The escort lady in Bangalore is there with your self to create an exciting illusion for you and its a gentle reminder we are doing it as business and we are into the business of escorting and this is the bread and butter of the escort lady in Bangalore.

The agreed payment wrapped up in a neat cover will be a nice gesture and mostly our escorts  will not count the same in front of the client to avoid a business type relationship and its pure trust we team of Escorts in Bangalore go forward


In calls and out calls
in Bangalore

In calls to the escorts lady place in Bangalore.

Be on time and if there is delay kindly inform the lady well in advance about the same a message can be appropriate in explaining the delay and do understand the lady is fully prepared to Invite your self and waiting to give her best.

Out Calls to your desired place with an escort in Bangalore

Invite the lady on the scheduled time and be prepared to finish of all your pending official Home works and personal so your time with the escort in Bangalore is well spent, and official / Personal talks while with the escort in Bangalore will be  a annoying factor and do keep in mind the escort in Bangalore is there to maximize  the utilization of your money value and she works on hourly basis and time spent on your official business is not the concern of the escort lady.

Do not have your friends see the lady while she arrives and that may cause uncomfortable feelings with the escort in Bangalore and the escort in Bangalore is there on your invitation and had been hired as a girl friends for the time specified or agreed between two concerned adults and the escort in Bangalore will never be comfortable in showing her face to any third person other than the concerned paying guest whom had invited her and is paying the escort lady for her services.

In-case of cancellations due to unavoidable situations kindly pay the escort in Bangalore her minimum charges of INR 1000.00 as her Travelling allowances.

Drugs Alcohol and girls

On our very Personal experience we recommend drugs free alcohol free encounter with the escort in Bangalore to experience the joy to the fullest.Do not expect Alcohol  or drugs to pull yourself to the extreme level of enjoyment rather it can be disaster in the process and to be crystal clear in the message what we wanted to stress

Take a drink
Have drugs

Keep womanizing separate from drink and drugs and once you started to repeat this exerciser again and again you will certainly understand the real meaning of what we meant.

Be in full conscienceless  to enjoy the illusion the escort in Bangalore is there in giving your self.

Respect the escort in Bangalore request the do and do not with the lady before encountering her with sexual advances and kindly do not stress on condom free activity and if all clients of herself stress on the same and in the case of her agreeing on the same will not be a situation that may be good for either of gentle man or the lady.

Just because you have hired her for the day or hour does not mean she is slave and she is there to provide you services and an illusion or magic and will give her best if more than money respect and good manners is paid Up front.

Try applying common sense and common courtesy while with the escort in Bangalore and treat an escort in Bangalore as you would treat any other businesswoman or your girl friend and you can’t go very wrong and you can become one among her favorite clients and who knows she may give a discount on your repeated invitations.

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