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Reshmi working as an independent high class escort in Bangalore Girl Friend Experience

Reshmi Known as one of the top new faces in Bangalore,Reshmi is a successful escort on a boundless ascent. Entrancingly beautiful, charismatic and chic,Reshmi has an exceptionally warm personality and soothing nature. With her physical appeal, sophisticated style and grace Reshmi invites you to delve into the true pleasures of life…

There is huge double standard when discussing whether me being inside the escort Business is free choice. I will take their word that it is empowering, and only view the small moment where the woman appears happy, and well she is smiling. But, we do not take the word of the battered woman or lady being raped by her boyfriend – that she is happy, is still in love with him and so is it ok then. But I decide being inside the escort Business must be freely chosen. There is a massive betrayal of all women and girls inside and outside the escort Business – and it makes me bloody angry.”

My Confessions and diagnosis is not an attempt to seek approval or sympathy …