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Ms.Nandhini is available at # 8800407314 in WhatsApp.She lives in Bommonahalli Zone. She has her apartments and lives in a secure place for a session. She charges anywhere between 10000.00 to 15000.00 INR per session inclusive of place.

Ms.Mamtha Shetty available at # 9990284684 is a typical Mangalorean lady living all alone in a flat in Raja Rajeshwari Nagar Zone. She hosts in her apartments. The lady is highly typical of the person coming. She makes enough enquiry before inviting the person to her very won apartments in Raja Rajeshwari Nagar. She charges anywhere between 10000.00 INR to 15000.00 INR.

Ms.Smitha is available at # 9990284684. She stays at Dasarahalli. She does not have her place. She prefers renting an apartment for the purpose. She knows suitable serviced apartments which are couple friendly.

Ms.Sherya available at # 8342831123  is an ultimo in an escort experience. The lady has her place in Jalahalli East. She has her own place for fun unlimited. She charges anywher…

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Bangalore escorts  “I do a patrician profession of lusting with lecherous men as I do quench the debauched  patrons I am rewarded with names like a bitch and a slut to be in the worst part a whore and unchaste women for being honestly living a life of Bangalore escorts”
I am a software professional doing the Job of a Bangalore escorts as part-time with all the blaspheming enclosing me in a tight embrace as I get strangled with the anathema of Samaritans only the mollifying patrons who storm us as bees make us in ease.

This job of Bangalore escorts is rather we do in pursuit of seeing see the real color of money as the flavor of money is lying idle in too many places as we women are deep diving our self in search of the scanty product which had been shelved in most of the houses to get rusted.

We have rather emptied our thoughts on age-old beliefs of virtuous living and to be a chaste woman as our goal is mostly to reach the next level of living in the comfort zone a life fit to be que…

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Bangalore escorts 
We women pursuing the job of Bangalore escorts are products to quench the thirst and hunger of a salaciously emaciated connoisseur and debonair in Bangalore as we are devoted piously to the divine task of lusting with the patrons addicted to us.
“We women in the profession of escorting are used to men who treat us like a princess  until their rendezvous of quenching their lust is over aftermath we are just a whore  and a slut for our beloved patrons”
When we women are deserted with all possible ways to find ourselves a solution to the prevailing issues for money we have no better option other than to sell ourselves for a rented time mutually agreed upon.
Virginity for sale in India The new trend that is fast catching up in India is auctioning off the virginity as most of the girls have concluded giving away the virginity as a preserved product to loved married man or the boyfriend is of no use as we witness men are always the same  the deceiving types and more women …

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Bangalore escorts 

Bangalore escorts construe the task of quenching the lust as being purest of all tasks undertaken with no hidden agenda as we play the game what we came for and are focused individuals brawling with the Samaritans who had been in a long dispute with our profession of escorting.
Call girls in Bangalore are defiled once we pursue the job of Bangalore escorts and are denied the purity a virtuous woman possesses as we women are piously devoted to our task of quenching the lust of the lecherous connoisseurs.

We do get names for pursuing a job as Bangalore escorts in Bangalore girlfriends experience that is quite befouling the conscience in us as we are moving forward in our lives with the spirit and tenacity to reach our goals as at times we get tired of being a courtesan all throughout the day of being a mistress to our beloved patrons we heal our wounds with renouncing our needs.
Bangalore escorts are martyrs. Women habituating the profession of escorting are strong-w…

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We running the Gfe Bangalore get numerous request from our patrons asking for celebrities available for escorting as we cannot openly give the names we prefer anonymity here in our open confession of celebrity escorts in Bangalore.

We get numerous requests from our patrons asking for celebrities available on daily basis as we prefer silence is the best to all those who had asked for it !!

Here is the simple answer no celebrity will just walk in on a call or will be available over a phone as we have been dealing quite for some time with celebrity escorts we take a protocol only with some of the well known patrons whom we trust. It is not trust is built by years with our patrons but with experiences we have rapidly have good rapport with a circle of good connoisseurs who are affording to spend the extra bit for a celebrity night out.

No celebrity will venture out with unknown person just for a quick money or will dare have her self associated with unknown players in the escorting trade…

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Catering to the needs of libidinous men.

We Harlots are trained craftswomen in our line of duty disciplined and focused in our line of work the business of escorting and pursing the job of quenching the lust and libido of the libidinous men. 

We sluts are clear in our role and are apparent to the core in understanding the job we have taken and have been honing our skills as veteran in the art of seduction and cajolery. 

Men who had been horning their wife are our patrons as we bitches at no point of time had the virtuous women as our foe as we never try to take away their man for ever more so ever the time our debonair spends his time with us sluts is negligible as our connoisseurs are like bees which are habitual in stinging multiple flowers.

The marauder is our charming aficionado who is in no fault of theirs who had habituated the habit of stinging multiple women as straying with us floozy girls is an addiction with no cure.

Any virtuous women who may not meliorate and impersonali…

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The mongrel of an insult on female escorts.

"Not every harlot is a whore  and we  sluts are soul with blood and bones bartering love and lust for our survival but the fact is escorting is an instinctive apotheosis of a female posture"

We harlots were virgins once and never had an illusion of our self  to be in the trade of bartering lust and love and as when the fate dawned on one fine morning and we had no choice but to pursue the business of escorting with honesty as our virtuous way to live.

We Cortigiana onesta are despised  by this hypocritical society as we had made an realistic assessment of our assets and abilities and do not have to mask our self in portraying the truth and in  a world where truth is a mockery there is no point in us bellowing our rights to this whopper and distortion crowd.

We mistresses take our clothes off and do our business of whorishness with dignity and pride and are dignified women in minding our business.

We courtesans are amused when the …