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"African Black men hate being called as Negros and we escorts in Bangalore do not appreciate being called as bitch or a slut"
We Escorts in Bangalore had let go of the life we had planned and dreamt for us to live the life of an escort that had bequeathed us and ensure the next person in our family does not inherit this profession of escorting.
We chose the profession of escorting and on a daily basis we choose to embrace humility and joy that comes in ascending and descending order and we are used to the good and bad of men.
We escorts are mentally prepared for any dreaded of men and are trained better in tackling any situation in the darkness of the night single-handedly.
We pride in pursuing a career as a female escort in Bangalore and are constantly writing in this web site to voice our concerns in this society.
We are deflowered women trying live a life by quenching the lust of satyromania men and we female escorts do understand the law of the land and know our boundaries here in this playing field.
We are not in the escorting business full time but are freelancing women who are either students house wife or working class women and are pursuing the escorting profession for quick money.
Our generous clients do have a beautiful wife’s or a girl friend and women in general presume or assume that being beautiful is enough to keep his man from straying with more women and men are usually in the habit of finding the extra more and a women needs to understand being a tigress in the bed only may help a lot in taming your man.
When we are in close encounters with your men we do happen to see the social media and happy pictures of the family of our (your ) men and men usually pride in showing a happy wife and all we could do is pity the lady and pride in possessing his man for a while.
The purpose of writing this is not portray our (your ) men in the mean side but to emphasis and stress the matter of concern between the couples and men in particular needs to be honest to his lady whom we keep seeing every day and she deserves all the love and we are just escorts on hire on hourly basis.
We do dance to the tunes and we are dancing to the color of money and our whispers and warm embraces are honestly are services offered for the donations given and will evanesce and fade away once the time has elapsed and we call girls in Bangalore stress the above to all our men.
We female escorts in Bangalore are hired lovers and we get hired by the hour.
Addiction in any form is dangerous and abusing the addiction is the worst case scenario and womanizing is a kind of addiction which only cure is love from the family members.
We escorts are trained artists in the art of love to tow tons of men out of their happy married life and the world is stuffed with enough men for our survival.
We are aware of our short-lived career as an escort and will ensure we do our best in this short lived life span of an escort.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Independent Escorts in Bangalore | Bangalore escorts | escorts in Bangalore | Bangalore escort

"We Independent escorts in Bangalore would not have breached this silence from our end and we needed to expose our self in this world and this way of expressing our thoughts in this website is in no way a marketing gimmick from the call girls in Bangalore but another honest attempt in our confessions in our professional life as an escort in Bangalore"
We do have a family and none of our parents had dreamt of us becoming escorts and we had pursued this profession of escorting on destiny dooming on us.
We escorts in Bangalore were brought up like any other kids with good education and fine grooming by our parents and when we discuss this matter internally within our colleagues what made them choose this path of escorting the blame was abruptly in the society and the politics in this country.
When the whole world is dumping India to be a nation of poor wages and the advent of call centers paying peanuts to their employees and a decent professional career in this competitive world is a nightmare and living a life in CTS of 3 lacs per ' is meeting the ends with no savings at the end of the day.
We in India had been long lived and ruled by kings and queens and after that era we were ruled by the British and once democracy dawned on India we are yet to come out of the jet lag of slavery in our blood.
The result of which the rich nations are still pounding on us Indians with economic sanctions and we still believe in becoming being the best Nation on this earth.
Escorting does prevail in the third world countries and most of the countries had dealt with the situation with the changing scenario and Germans are to be laurelled for When Germany legalized prostitution in 2002 it was a dawn of a new business worth 15 billion euro’s a year.
15 billion Euro a year is no small money and when the Indian defense budget for the year ending 2016 is mere 75730 crore.
Check the above data on Google for verification.
Too much of economic stuff above and no personal confessions of escorts and nowhere in this site will you be able to find stimulating words or porn alluring narration of sex and all what is written is by professional escorts in Bangalore and we do not believe in stimulating the readers and what we effectively are doing is bringing a positive approach to the problem of escorting business in India.
The porn Industry who are selling sex videos and books which may portray and contain sexual content are intended to stimulate and arouse a man and we escorts in Bangalore never honestly intend to sell our self by gimmick marketing.
When a magician is honest in selling his tricks and a clown in a circus survives with his pranks and for that matter an orator with his linguistic skills why not we escorts in Bangalore live by quenching the lust of men.
When the third world countries have started to realize and started to make revenues out of the thriving profession of prostitution and why not India.
We have a tradition of devadis system in India and prostitution was thriving in India way behind our ancestors and may 2017 be the right time for the dawn of legalized brothels in India.

Let's hope for the best.

Independent Escorts in Bangalore | Bangalore escorts | escorts in Bangalore | Bangalore escort

"We call girls in Bangalore honestly accept the truth we are professionally trained artist trained to stage an act of specious nature"
The passion of escorting had pursued us to work like we never do the work of an escort for money and love and lust with our clients is in the most professional way possible trying to fallacious an act which is to be honest is ersatz and deceptive.
We are honestly confessing the truth in our profession of escorting the lucid truth and if a client is to believe our act of deception it is feather in his cap.
We are mere hunters praying for our hunt in this jungle and we are quite good in the hunt and we do get our share on daily basis.
We are not here to offend any of our generous clients in the above confessions and we wanted to honestly confess the truth in our profession of escorting.
Men had been for ages laurelled for his mastery over women and a man who had slept with multiple women is a feat of kudos and is illustriousness in this society.
A woman with similar nature of preying men is sin and is marked as disesteemed person in this planet earth and we believe we live in a society of equality in gender.
We call girls Bangalore often do meet distinguished connoisseurs and debonair of men and who we admire and belong to be in his company and we escorts do admit honestly there are men who are honey in nature for us bees.
God had created sex to be enjoyed to the fullest by women and men rarely do enjoy the sex as we women in actuality enjoy and we women probably are not good in sharing the same with men.
What if I am caught by my girl friend or my wife for my acts of adultery with call girls in Bangalore?
The above question when we ask our reputed clients we see men qualm in abhorrence and revulsion and we escorts in Bangalore can only sadly pity our generous paymasters.
All acts of deception needs cover-ups and our men are quite good in their deeds of adultery and having their own stories to justify the acts.
We can only pity our and her men.
We meant what we said above
Our and her man.
Her man was my man for a while.
We escorts in Bangalore are professional stage artist who are well-trained hunters in the jungle to prey on our hunt and we hunt when we are hungry and never stray Idle.
We had seen the fear phobia and disquietude in men if ever his wife or girl friend knows about his adultery with call girls in Bangalore.
We escorts in Bangalore stupidly glee in pride of owning her man for a while.
We call girls in Bangalore end with this saying to our generous men what money could not buy is the unconditional love showered by the family is imperishable and not us.

A good women should let his men stray around and when he comes backs he is all hers own.

Independent Escorts in Bangalore | Bangalore escorts | escorts in Bangalore | Bangalore escort

An Escorts Speaks on the business of escorting in Bangalore
When we Independent escorts in Bangalore discuss our life we prejudice and unanonymously proclaim in pride the life style of an Independent escorts in Bangalore as we live a life with many men of our choice with no bonded relationship and the pride of savoring too many men in a life that is meant to live queen’s size.
We Independent escorts in Bangalore do not regret or gibber with our self in pursuing a career as an Independent escorts in Bangalore but rather pride in choosing a path that is a short cut to success and to reach our dreams.
When money had become a commodity where it is the measure of quality of life and when we see men chase behind money all over their life in the correct and incorrect ways it is no wonder we women chose to immolate and renounce our virginity and our sacred women sanity in our own selfish motives to live a life that is queen size.
If you may ask any of the Independent escorts in Bangalore how we female escorts in Bangalore see men or our clients we are rather blunt in giving a honest confession as under "Craving for women is an addiction and a habit which may harm a family life and a man who is addicted to multiple women has no cure and the only remedy is love from his family"
Lust is been framed by the media and internet in the most indecent way it can be portrayed and men who see the vulgarity and crudeness love had been staged are ignorant of the fact that the act is a staged drama by professional artist who are efficient and masterly artists in creating gimmicks.
The below is the truth
No women enjoys Anal sex.
No women enjoy unlimited hours of penetration.
"Sex is an enjoyable game of art with one person who is bonded and glued with love and affection"
Men who we cater to come with all fantasy when its is paid sex and we ensure our clients’ needs are taken care and we female escorts in Bangalore never try to play the preachers game in our act of quenching the lust of men.
If we female escorts in Bangalore are to debate on the morale game of taming and curing a womanizer we would as the below to the audience who raised the question of taming the clients.
When a government is surveying with the taxes from selling alcohol We call girls in Bangalore can survive by quenching the lust of men when the government is prescribing takes on tobacco sales and alcohol sales.
We female escorts in Bangalore never wanted to be Mahatmas in tutoring our clients and we prefer doing the divine task of escorting and excelling in our job as escorts.
What we female escorts in Bangalore regret is the words we are tagged with our profession and we humbly recall the recognition our ancestors had bestowed on us as devadasis.
We live a prided life as call girls in Bangalore catering to the lust of men as god sent divine angels in this world we run our daily life as independent escorts in Bangalore

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Independent Escorts in Bangalore


Bangalore the Garden city known for its climate and is the capital of Karnataka state. India's top hi-tech industrial town and the city is also known for its nightlife.
Bangalore Independent escort girls will make you experience the best time of your life. If you think that you have a mundane life, then this is the time that you add some excitation in your self  by hiring an exquisite and graceful escort lady. You will be surprised to know that they are competent and disciplined in order to acquire the skills and characteristics needed to provide high competent companionship. The Bangalore Independent escort girls will not let you down and the money that you have spent is more than worthy for the service that they can offer.
How to describe an escort in Bangalore Independent escort girls.
Bangalore Independent escort girls are bewitching ,alluring and captivating girls and are mostly wild in nature in bed and clearly understand the thin difference between the layer of being a lover wife and an escort.
They had mastered the art of domination in bed with a man who is pursuing the best of empirical methods or practices  by a skillful sophisticated lady.
The best way to elucidate an Bangalore Independent escort girls is they are alluring,charismatic and fascinating girls in the city of Bangalore and know perfectly well how to treat a connoisseur and a Debonair pursuing the best in Bangalore.
They are rampant,wild and ferocious in Bed and can adapt to the prepossession of a client and can be as amiable and sophisticated in a social gathering and we can offer a wide range of Independent escort girls of your choice.
"An compassionate women who can be a patient listener and can be lukewarm to the aphrodisia of a client is the Proper denotation of a  Bangalore Independent escort girl"
Bangalore Independent escort girl are  working for a cause and are more super egoistic of thier role as an Independent escort in Bangalore and are conscience of thier role in the society as an escort and do a job that can be satisfactory and an esocot is a propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.
An escort is responsible for the stigma and the social melodrama and does a role in cleaning the system? invisibly? and a when a Mans beastly  thoughts on lust and love is unleashed it can endanger the peace and neutrality in a amicable world.
An escort comes in like an angel in that situation and takes over to tame a man.
There can be chaos in this world if there is no way to release the tension a man has and the only option is to hire an escort.
A man is a beast whose frustrations can be poited as below
Religious Frustrations
And sexual Frustration can be controled as below
Seeking or hiring a Partner
Other alternatives to control sexual Frustration
Religious thoughts and meditations
Altenative life styles.
Bangalore Independent escort will prefer confident client who are ?successful ?and flourishing clients and those man
who are going strong in their line of activity and use the services of an escort as lavishing life style.
Men who are successful will try to enjoy the life at the fullest and we do have experiences of clients who are addictive to escorting and like abusing alcohol this habit of seeking an escort can be addictive in nature.
We at Bangalore Independent escort girl are aware of our role as an escort in the society and advice those clients who are ignoring their family life and money.
We honestly understand our role and are to be as  use and throw objects and a clients personal life is more a concern to us rather than our bread and butter.
A man needs a women and women is a mother and next comes a women as a partner and a wife and a wife needs to be a seductive mistress and a mother to move forward in a successful family life.
The worst of the enemy in a family life is the third lady who sneaks in as the secret lover and can endanger a happy married life.
We  Bangalore Independent escort girl  are hired for the thrill and fired once our job is over and we like and prefer it that way and our clients will like to predominate us because we are very deferential and discreet.
Why do men prefer to buy sex
Men prefer to buy sex to appease and quiche his lustful desires and he prefers anonymity in the same.
Some men become addicted in the process of seeking an escort and the addiction of womanizing can be a hazardous habit to be pursued in the long run.
When relationship between a couple had developed into expectations and when in a happy married  a  couple is getting children the additional person is getting the love and affection and man is becoming more and more a  ATM or a money spinner.
A men gets ignored of his needs over the passage of time in a happy married life and the only place he can seek to quiche is lust is with an independent escort.
The society had been framed such with the passage of time where a man will always be a fortune seeker and  his needs gets neglected over the passage of years and love will be a diminishing  factor in a relationship with years passing by.
In ancient India the kings had the privilege of soliciting an affair with multiple girls right in his palace and the fact that a king is indulging in adultery outside his marriage was a well  known fact. And the place where he indulges is called as anthapuram.
It was similar in the Greece and around 2 BC  Strabo  had narrated  female servants serving the clients in the temple of  Aphrodite.  
With the passage of time and women empowerment becoming more a political edge for any politician craving for power and  prostitution slowly moved  from legal to illegal.
The difference in trafficking and forcing a women to do prostituting and willfully pursuing the job of escorting was always negligible or a ignorant  matter of concern.
The western world is slowly becoming conscious of the profession and the list of countries where escorting a man  or  prostitution is legal are Argentina,AustriaArmeniaBelgium, Bolivia, BrazilCanada, Chile, El Salvador, Finland,FranceGreece, Guatemala, Mexico, the NetherlandsNew ZealandPeru, Portugal, Senegal, Slovakia, Switzerland and Turkey.
We independent escorts in Bangalore are deliberately writing in this site to create awareness among the readers and admirers the fact that we do belong to the society and we are living a life with hard work like any other citizen of this community.
With all the good hearted Samaritans who speaks only the truth and will never listen to a state of understanding if ever we escorts never existed in this world.
The plight of innocent women if prostitutes never existed in this world!!
We independent escorts in Bangalore  are writing in this site to make our colleagues understand the state of affairs in our profession of escorting and creating awareness among ourselves.
We understand that we are pursuing a career where our ability to earn more money will be in the start of our profession and with the every passing day our value and our tag Price is diminishing.
We see the upper class people and we share the supper with the elite class of this society and we understand that money is never in scarcity with certain class of this society.
Our life as an Independent escort in Bangalore is a mix of two worlds  
Our own reality world where money is in scarcity to force us to sell our self to meet our needs. 
The fantasy world where wealth is in surplus and we escorts stray around there to pick the left over’s.
We are temptress who had mastered the art of seduction and sell our skills for a limited period of time for the rich and famous men in this world.
We independent escorts in Bangalore have over the years are well qualified lovers with experience fine tuning our expertism in being a well toned lovers.
We independent We escorts in Bangalore start of our work with dedication and care and are committed souls in client satisfaction.
We do get hurt with abusing words
We prefer to answer here for all those unleashing anger on us for selling our bodies.
When there is demand there needs to be a supply
When there is no supply
The demand can go straying and wild !!
Imagine a world without prostitutes and will the good-hearted Samaritans preaching be responsible for the Satyriasis of men and the satyr maniacs..
We do get clients who are addicted to us and those who believe the fantasy world he had lived for a while is a reality and we honestly confess to them we are actors staging a drama and we depart once the agreed time is over.
The warmth and tender we escorts show towards a client are well-rehearsed acts and we escorts expect a fee on each encounter and what experience an client cherishes are all acts of well-trained artists.
We prefer speaking honestly once we see a client allured with our love and affection. 
What is been projected by the media and the forum community about escorting business is unreal and erroneous infect we escorts are soulful humans living a dignified life.
We are not blaming the society but the whole set up where people like us ultimately become scapegoats in the process.
We are united team of Independent escorts in Bangalore who are closely related with our line of activity and we are glad and in no situation we are ashamed in pursuing a career as an escort in Bangalore.
In fact we are delighted young women who are glad in the state of mind that we will never belong to any man  all over our life.
We steadily steer our life with many man of our choice and we are glad in living with many men rather than one.
We usually laugh at this word commonly used by our Indian  clients  “hi-fi escorts”  what is the definition for an “hi fi escort
The Dress code
The age
The style and vogue of the lady.
If you feel “hi-fi Escorts” will fall under the above
You are wrong
An Indian  client’s definition of a “hi-fi escort” is a good English speaking lady ! !
Yes we mean what we say !!
An Indian measure of scale of an “hi-fi escort”  is a good English speaking lady and he is ready to pay premium rates for the same.
An alien language is the measure of scale by Indians to rate an Independent escort.
We cater to all nationals in this world and we never saw this attitude in any nationality.
The French craves for an Indian in saree !!
The Germans loves a buxom Indian lady!!
The English prefers English as mode of communications and prefers slim models!!
The Arabs prefer meaty chicks!!
We Indians prefer just ENGLISH speaking as standard of quality!!
I love my country!!
Jai Hind 
Bangalore Independent escort girls is an luxuriance and exorbitance escort agency, world-renowned for its high quality services. We are superfluity and concupiscent and our escort girls are lascivious in thier line of activity and that means we hire only the best models and those  who seek a prosporous career and love to socialize with the high end distinguished and debonair Clients.
To have a career as an escort in Bangalore Independent escort girls a lady needs to have beauty and brains and success comes only when we utilize our brains to the best level and when it comes to brain all humans have brains in  head and  the rest of the parts in thier places and any one can steer herself in any direction of her choice and any lady is on her own and know what she knows and and you are the deciding authority to determine where to move ahead in life.
A few people succed in thier life and its just that they propelled and steered well ahead of thier counter parts in the right directions and any lady who seeks money as a power to move forward can utilize this carrer as a short term carreer option to satisfy her monetary needs.
Career as an escort lady can never be the final and complete carrer desicion and can only be a short term carrer descion in life and working as an escort will glamorize any lady's life style and would add a bit of spice and never allow the desicion of being an escort carry over your life.
We do Pride with our client base and do have the rich and famous as our clients who would only seek the best the world has to offer and willing to pay the best.
All your applications are handled very Professionally and no data received will be shared to any third party and highest level of confidentiality is maintained in all levels to maintain the secrecy factor.
Kindly do request all applicants to send in all requested data for a quick feed back on your application.
Wishing you the very best in choosing to become a successful career option as an escort in Bangalore.
Bangalore Independent escort girls are extremely splendiferous and our Independent escort girls in Bangalore are known to have the urge and avidity to appease or quench a clients lust full desires and Bangalore Independent escort girls services can be a one-time life experience.
“Every experience with a Bangalore Independent escort girls is a one lifetime experience, because no matter how hard you try nobody can match our Bangalore Independent escort girls style and elegance and the urge and avidity to appease or quench a clients lust full desires "
To add the xtra spice in your life you may try spending your free / leisure  time with the Bangalore Independent escort girls and will surely be rejenuated with the extra energy to move ahead and concealing or  hiding your fancy will only out burst one final day.
All desires and fantasy has to be tried and experienced in life.
We wish at the fullest of our heart the best of success to be bestowed on our clients both in their personal and professional life.

Independent Escorts in Bangalore

We are an united team of Independent escorts in Bangalore working as freelancers in the business of escorting in Bangalore.
We are concupiscent in our job and are lascivious in escorting the best men and we are aroused women in the field of escorting and are libidinous escorts in Bangalore.
We have enlisted and submitted our self with our own free will in the field of escorting and are fervidly devoted to our profession of escorting and the camaraderie with the independent escorts in Bangalore is built with certitude and positiveness and we live as a team.

The passion of escorting had brought us together and not all women who had opted to be as escorts are analogous in nature and each of us have a story to recite and we have narrated our confessions in the blog section of this site.
We have been discussing various subjects on this site on our views and we have honestly confessed our story in living a life of an Independent escort in Bangalore.
We are devoted in our career as an Independent escort in Bangalore and every bit of our womanliness prides in escorting the paying connoisseur of the day and every comrade in our team of   Independent escort in Bangalore aspires to be the best courtesan in the city of Bangalore.
We live as falling soldiers living a life of an Independent escort in Bangalore and with a life of   bewilderment  and ambiguity we have united in writing down our pains and pleasure in pursuing a career as  an escort in Bangalore.
We have wholly devoted in our life in being an Independent escort in Bangalore and with the faith and allegiance we live as a prided breed of women who pursue a life living with a man a day and we never wanted to live with any man the next day and we get enough men in our life to pride about.
We Independent   escorts in Bangalore believe success comes only with impromptu and with skirmish and belief is the power and we escorts are earnest women  and are  aware of the truth that belief is power and belief is the dynamic power in transformation of our life.
We are conscience women aware of the society which howls and hullabaloo us as outcasts and we never attempt to justify our acts nor do we need sympathy and we prefer living the secured life of an Independent escort in Bangalore.
We Independent   escorts in Bangalore believe the strength of the women in us and utilize it and we let the power of the women take over our self in the escorting business and we pride in being a breed apart.
Our life as career as an Independent escort in Bangalore is like the box of miracles and we expect surprises on day to day basis and no day is predetermined and we are prepared for the worse when we have seen the hell we escorts are well geared to face a new day with twilight in our eyes.
Our men are not our men and we are hired on hourly basis   and it just happened we live with a man who is owned by an another women and we never ever thought of owning the man we slept with yesterday night or the day before and our men keep coming over and over again.
We Independent escort over the years had been groomed in the art of lusting and posses enough exposure and savoir-faire in managing a satyriasis and not all men are lust full and most men are just flamed with lust full desires.
We are into the business of escorting with a zeal and are steaming and oozes a raunchy and stimulated flavor to enchanter his time with us escorts.
We are exotic divine women molded   to perfection serving the aphrodisiac to the men who deserves the best the world has to offer and our services are Unparallel and we prefer being called as courtesans or exotic divine women.
We Independent escorts in Bangalore are practicing the art of escorting in the city of Bangalore with a devoted mind and devoutness in our passion of escorting and we independent escorts are blissful and prided in our job as Independent escorts in Bangalore.
Escorting is not like any other Industry and we Independent escorts in Bangalore are in the business of escorting selling love and lust and we clearly understand that we are selling a mirage product that does not have any physical or concrete measurements.
Love is a product that has no measurements or leveled computation of its being and no one had claimed as
‘I had been showered with so much love and lust and I am flabbergasted in my life”
“I am extremely happy of having been gifted in my life for getting love in abundance”
For that matter of concern anything in excess is blissful and we escorts are truly aware of the fact and we are perfected in the art of selling love and lust.
We are similar to the entertaining artist who survives in the tinsel world entertaining the audience and we Independent escorts in Bangalore persevere in this world bartering and merchandising love and lust as our commodity.
We Independent escorts in Bangalore are not trained as professional doctors or engineers in our line of activity and we do not claim superiority in our business of escorting but honestly confess axiom and lucidness in our professional life as escorts.
Men seek an escort for different reasons and lusting his fantasy is not alone   in a man who prowls for a women and a woman had been a creature for caring and love and is bestowed in nature with nurturing and fostering characters and a clinic will always have female nurses to treat its patient  and man seeks and prowls and yearn for a women not to quiche his lust but for some care and affection.
With our experience and sustainability in the business of escorting we have cared  for lots of men and over the years we have tamed the tenacious and stalwart of man and are focused in our job of selling love and lust.
It would be hard for a women to sell herself in this world and an outfit like this will ensure a safer ground for herself  and for  a client to expect quality and money worth and we are a united team of Independent escorts in Bangalore pursuing the job of escorting trumpeting and priding  our self as the best of Independent escorts in Bangalore.
We Independent Escorts in Bangalore have pursued the job of escorting after a long struggle with our conscience and a mental trauma and have been procrastinating the thought of becoming an escort for a long time with the honest repugnance or aversion of sleeping with many men.
We   Independent Escorts in Bangalore had our druthers but to pursue the escorting business and once we are in the line of activity we never regretted the thought of being an escort but are blessed with good colleagues around us who are positively influenced and do energize the new comers with the same positive energy.
We   Independent Escorts in Bangalore work united with lack of discrimination among us on the basis religion or language and are constantly boosting our morals with each other and we strongly accredit and postulate the fact escorting is a divine duty to the society regardless of the misanthropist and the kind hearted Samaritans who we only good preachers in their professions.
We never stood in dispute of those who are stiff in their thoughts and oppose our business of escorting and never tried or wanted to sustain our trade in making a wrangle or feud with the cynic who believe escorting is ignominy and obloquy in this society.
We Independent Escorts in Bangalore prefer living a free spirited life and we have no regrets and we were never consciously guilty of being an escort and sleeping with many men and we do honestly envy the women who prefers the one man in her life ! !.
And for the man who tries to pity us for  being an escort we would be request the gentle man to be generous in donating us so we many survive in our short lived career as an escort in Bangalore.
There are many different kind of working call girls in India  the cheapest one is the  who pursues her profession in the street and lures her clients to street corner and darker places and she  caters to the lower end  in the Market.
The second is the person who works in massage parlors and provides a massage and a happy finishing and are mostly from the eastern part of India.
An Independent escort in Bangalore is the one  who pursue an escorting job on her own consent or works with a reputed escort agency in the market.  
A Mistress or a courtesan is the one who pursues her job in the most discreet way and prefers to alien herself  with selected clientele.
A client can be categorized as an eager personality trying to elicit more of a women and this craving of a man in womanizing is similar to any addiction.
A client’s behavior in indulging in sexual acts with a paid sex worker is an act of outburst of his emotions and his behavior is not scaled or surveillance by the society.
A relationship with an Independent escort is bonded within a time frame and client actions are spasm of his fantasies and will never be similar to his loved ones.
We Independent escorts in Bangalore had seen enough men who are highly reputed in this society behaving in the most vexatious manner  with an escort behind the doors since he postulate his actions are never measured or vigilance by anyone else  and we escorts in Bangalore are better  trained  in taming a man’s  paroxysm and eruptive fantasies.
To be quite honest with the above statement not all men fall into the above category and most of the men are quite gentle with us and do perceive us a fellow human being in sharing his emotions.

The debatable question is the law of the land which had outlawed our profession and we women pursing  a career as an independent escort in Bangalore are similar to anyone in this society trying to live a honest life by working hard for our bread and butter.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

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Today’s Man is my debonair man for the day and we get incommensurable men on daily basis and we just wait for the connoisseur of men on daily basis and it’s just habitual for usIndependent escorts in Bangalore to live a life with many men of our choice and we are never content with one man in our life ! !

We Independent escorts in Bangalore are constantly writing in this site in order to empower our colleagues in the business of escorting and there are no institutions in this world for us escorts to get the confidence level in our line of activity asIndependent escorts in Bangalore.

We have been constantly haunted by this debauched society and we find solace only with our colleagues in this business and we do get good hearted Samaritans as our clients who are good humanitarian and benevolent gentlemen.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore  are generally   from regular back grounds in this society and have been never  been pushed into this trade of escorting but have volunteered our self in this line of escorting business  only with the lure of money and the quick money it offers.

We are aware of our career as an escort is short sighted and our career span is not more than 3 to 5 years just like a Mayfly which only lives to around 30 minutes with a maximum lifespan of a single 24 hour day.

We are tagged on the entry level itself which says best before 12.01.2022 and we understand the game of escorting and why we get paid so generously.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore are immersed in emptiness in our own line of activity and this isolation is expressed in our writings in this site and if ever I had not pursued a career as an escort in Bangalore I would never been writing here and the truth of me being an independent escort in Bangalore had triggered myself in writing endlessly in this site to empower our self and to create an awareness to this escorting business.

To most people who are been disillusioned with media and politically motivated news we escorts live a life fighting against all odds.

As an Independent escort in Bangalore we are addicted to Money and power and wealth and money buys the power we were craving and our relationship with men and our clients are mostly calculated and our services are on hourly basis.

Once a Man craves for a women he may be budgeted or may need the best and in our experience men will never spend the same money on the same women and his search is endless and will never stops and the habit of womanizing is addictive in nature.

We Independent escorts in Bangalore have never leaned on our past glorious life and never wanted to see our future and we live a life at this moment and we live a disciplined life of an escort and life is never about cursing the fate but to overcome the stumbles in life.

There can be no Mother who would like her daughter to be in the escorting business and we all Independent escorts in Bangalore have come from good family back ground who had embraced this escorting trade in lure of making more money and we do have a happy family behind.