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Luminary independent escorts on prowl | escorts in Bangalore | Bangalore escorts

We running the Gfe Bangalore get numerous request from our patrons asking for celebrities available for escorting as we cannot openly give the names we prefer anonymity here in our open confession of celebrity escorts in Bangalore.

We get numerous requests from our patrons asking for celebrities available on daily basis as we prefer silence is the best to all those who had asked for it !!

Here is the simple answer no celebrity will just walk in on a call or will be available over a phone as we have been dealing quite for some time with celebrity escorts we take a protocol only with some of the well known patrons whom we trust. It is not trust is built by years with our patrons but with experiences we have rapidly have good rapport with a circle of good connoisseurs who are affording to spend the extra bit for a celebrity night out.

No celebrity will venture out with unknown person just for a quick money or will dare have her self associated with unknown players in the escorting trade…