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Testimonial of the clients at Bangalore girl friends experience

Testimonial of the clients at Bangalore girl friends experience

I think there is room for argument here and am posting my real encounter with the team mates at Bangalore girl friends experience.

Most questions here are in this Bangalore girl friends experience as i was a silent viewer for a long time however, have no hard-and-fast answer. The classic example is any question having to do with pricing. There are thousands of girls in Bangalore, and it's simply impossible to generalize about pricing.

What I REALLY wants to know is: "What kind of girls are willing to go for 5000/ short time and 10,000/ long time?" And: "If I'm only willing pay good for the best , will I get a decent one.

I arrived late last night and pretty much tired on that day of my arrival.This morning I moved into my guest house at Koramangala. After reading this Bangalore girl friends experience and others I decided that my first posting would be here..I picked this one by the name Ranjitha t…

Independent Escorts in Bangalore

Independent Escorts in Bangalore.

This site  Bangalore Girl Friends Experience is the result of collaboration between a group of experienced escorts in Bangalore. It could have been called, "If I knew then what I know now!" as it brings together a range of information and advice to help cut short the learning process in the business of escorting where experience really does count. It is not designed to be an authoritative guide, merely some words of wisdom mixed with a bit of humor.

If you have a question you don't find answered here, feel free to  mail us at and ask us.

Bangalore Girl Friends Experience  was created by a few very 'normal' women who just happen to get paid to spend time with men, women and couples. We are all independent escorts in Bangalore and have entered into this profession of escorting on our own free will - not a coercive force in sight! We have our eyes wide open a…