Testimonial of the clients at Bangalore girl friends experience

Testimonial of the clients at Bangalore girl friends experience

I think there is room for argument here and am posting my real encounter with the team mates at Bangalore girl friends experience.

Most questions here are in this Bangalore girl friends experience as i was a silent viewer for a long time however, have no hard-and-fast answer. The classic example is any question having to do with pricing. There are thousands of girls in Bangalore, and it's simply impossible to generalize about pricing.

What I REALLY wants to know is: "What kind of girls are willing to go for 5000/ short time and 10,000/ long time?" And: "If I'm only willing pay good for the best , will I get a decent one.

I arrived late last night and pretty much tired on that day of my arrival.This morning I moved into my guest house at Koramangala. After reading this Bangalore girl friends experience and others I decided that my first posting would be here..I picked this one by the name Ranjitha through Bangalore girl friends experience,see the attached pictures.

Some of you may  keep talk about the price's here always not a good practice,and I am pretty sure you can get the best out here in Bangalore if you show your purse.

My only concern was that these very pretty girls are often boring in bed. Read on to fins out if she was or not! Ok, so into my guest house at Koramangala, we ordered some beer, etc. I took a shower. When I returned to the room, she had stripped down to her underwear already. This is the first time I got to see her body really well. She has flawless skin and a great figure (I could not really establish that all before as her outfit was not so revealing). She showered and came to room. She joined me in bed. This is when her personality transforms. The simple, pretty girl becomes a complete animal in the bed! She was on top of me with her tongue deep inside my throat. I worked my hands towards her pussy which I noticed was already moist. She mainly kissed me on my lips and neck, etc. Like a GF. I wanted to lick her pussy so moved into position. Her pussy is totally clean shaven. In fact she does not have stubble there either. Its like she has never grown public here. Her pussy was very responsive with the licking and she was soaked. Sadly she did not want to return the favor with a BBBJ and insisted on condom. I respected that. On went the rubber and she performed an average covered by. The sex was better. She was able to offer a range of positions. I fucked her pretty hard and she took it well. She also initiated a lot of the positions. She is especially wild when she is on top. It felt like she was raping me! After around 30 mins of pretty intense fucking, I finally shot my load. It was a great session with a beautiful girl.Overall around 3 hours.

On to the details. She was maybe 5'3 foot, 60 kgs  with a nice perky ass, small a cups and nipples that stuck out.I hate make up on women and think that in addition to staining the pillow in my room the make up detracted from her looks putting her at about a 8/10. Her performance was an 8/10. Although she was a bit aggressive with the hand part of the BJ, she did let me control her head and more than once let me push her head all the way down (I have not had a woman deep throat me in over 3 months and never in India). We did missionary but she was very enthusiastic throughout. Sometimes I forget that for most women ST means one pop and not 1-3 hours so next time I will slow it down to try more positions.

Girls here at Bangalore girl friends experiencehttp://www.bangaloregirlfriendsexperience.com are real good and more co operative.

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