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Escort Shreya's Diary To my old clients

To my old clients

A final farewell.. maybe I'm seeking closure tonight.

To most of the clients, the one time dates and the repeat customers who bought me without ever acknowledging who I might really be- or how what I was doing was affecting me, I can say that I truly resent you. I resent myself more, but you played your role too. Maybe you were fooled by the smiles. Maybe you were just too caught up in your need to realize the effect you would have. But you did have an effect on me. I cant remember your faces, or our encounters- but I remember the feelings I had, and they suck.

To the ones who cared, I am torn between hating you for still buying my body, and being thankful to you for being nice to me. For seeing me regularly so I did not have to meet with so many strangers. For asking me how I was doing, why was I in this business, and when would I stop. You still bought me, and used me for your gratification, but you offered a smidge …