Sex and lust are in our evolutionary history and our genes. Great is the The power of nature over nurture.

Geetha is a team lead at Bangalore Girl Friends Experience Speaks on the subject of evolutionary psychology  and tells us how  love  Sex and lust are in our evolutionary history and our genes. Great is the The power of nature over nurture.

I just hope everyone here in Bangalore knows that this Escorting business isn't an innocent business. The demand for sex is so great In Bangalore and everywhere else in the world.

Geetha said. You hook up with men in Bangalore who have to Pay for sex. I doubt you could find a date with a desirable man if he knew this Part of your life as an escort. Maybe you think this is just a temp job that You can quit when you want. But those memories will always be a part of yours Identity. And if that doesn't trouble you, well then you are the perfect Independent high class escort in Bangalore.

It is shocking and sickening to me and my teammates at Bangalore Girl Friends Experience to see that several people here in Bangalore are not only condoning prostitution, but they are actually jealous of such a Degrading, violent and emotionally scarring profession.

Certainly there are horrible circumstances where young girls are hurt and sold into prostitution. This clearly is not one of those Circumstances, so you really cannot compare them. What happens between Consenting adults is their own business. I Know that generally attractive Independent high class escort in Bangalore charge approximately  INR 15,000/ an hour. I simply cannot explain to you how many people I know that are unemployed right now. Unfortunately it Is a reality of life that we must make real money to live in Bangalore , it is A matter of survival. I do not judge you in any way from what you are doing. I Am just curious about the capacity to emotionally detach yourself from your Body to such a large degree.

In any case, I agree that human-trafficking/forced-prostitution would only get worse if the sex trade Involving consenting adults were to disappear. So I wouldn't be so quick to Condemn the consensual sort of trade. But I don't think it's so great and "Empowering", either. Surely there is some middle ground between Condemnation and praise.

 I also work in the same field of escorting here in the big city of Bangalore. I make about INR 10,000/ an hour and I only a select few clients from my concern Bangalore Girl Friends Experience  that I see on a regular basis. These clients are wealthy, well known, and affluent Business men in Bangalore. I feel lucky to be able to make this amount of money which covers my rentals and helps with my car loans. I myself am a normal, attractive and well educated with a college degree in Jyothy Nivas Collage and am currently working on my Masters. Society is making you think that you're doing something wrong and the fact that you don't feel guilty about what you are doing is wrong. For those that are saying you must have had a bad childhood are making ridiculous assumptions, they are trying to make you feel like there must be something wrong with you. I do exactly what you did and had an amazing and normal childhood with a great mother and father! So do not make yourself feel guilty for no reason! Keep doing what you love and what works for you!

Imagine your father/Boyfriend/brother paying for an Independent high class escort in Bangalore, how would that make you feel? It's not a question to hurt you just to give you a realization on how it would feel if your family or someone you cared about was involved into the equation. Also imagines your father cheating on your mother with an escort, how would that make you feel? I'd say, part of you does feel bad, guilty and ashamed, why you'd ask, well, I'd say, there are many factors involved in your job as an Independent high class escort in Bangalore choice, but you are your own adult and you make decisions that effect your life, in your situation it can affect a lot of people, like the people you sleep with, not every Client you sleep is clean, even if you wear a condom, he might have something you don't want, or he might not want to pay you and try to harm you, or he's crazy and stalks you. Many many many factors and risks involved in what you do. An Independent high class escort in Bangalore  is just a fancy way of calling a prostitute its like having a pimp and working the streets. It's a hard business to get out of. FYI, I heard that in the future, prostitute is going to be replaced by Robot prostitutes.

As an Independent high class escort in Bangalore I know what  I do is not wrong, in fact it has been going on for hundreds of years if you look into the history of sex in India. I only see a couple influential men who have great ties to the community and I have known for years now. In regards to the money, I have full control as to where and how I choose to put my money ( I prefer paying for my education, investments, and current comfortable living. My select few clients at Bangalore Girl Friends Experience happened to all have been men who I began to date and it turned into an arrangement where they supported my finances. It is their decision to see me, I do not force them or even seduce them to do so. I do believe that it is wrong to cheat on ones wife or girlfriend and would not approve of this for the men in my family. However it is their decision in the end. I benefit from my clients  at  Bangalore Girl Friends Experience however it is their decision to see me just as much as it is me to see them. With that said I was planning my future and have the luxury of living comfortably and save money, while continuing higher education in order to get a well paying job once I graduate.

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